10 Best Tech Gifts for Your Christmas 2015

christmas-gifts-2Christmas is almost here so it is time to find that perfect tech gift. We all know it’s a pain to find that perfect gift for the techie in your life. If not for them for yourself. The time it takes to search through all those stores or even online can just suck. Especially when your kids are running around wanting your attention 24/7 or you are working those crazy holiday hours. Well I think I can help you with finding what might excite you this Christmas season. I love searching for cool tech to buy which you’ve probably noticed if you follow my articles.

With that being said, I have found a few tech gifts which I think you will want to add to your own Christmas list.

When trying to find that perfect tech gift you have to have a guideline. My guideline always includes Price (this is obvious), Geek/Nerd appeal (because if you don’t Nerd out or Geek out it is a no-go), Newness (sometimes I want something innovative) and Quality (You don’t want it falling apart on you do you?). There they are, the guidelines I used to find these awesome gifts. I guess I should shut up and get to the list.

Drum roll please!

  • Fotowelt Mini Scooter, or the closest thing we can get to a hoover board.

So this puppy is not exactly cheap but it is affordable for what you are getting. Just make sure you have good balance or the ground will be saying “Hi”. Even though it says self-balancing I have learned you still need good balance so you don’t fall over. Great tech gift from $344 up to $600 depending where you buy it. Find out more info here.

10 Best Tech Gifts for Your 2015 pic 1

  • GoPro HERO4

I have always wanted this camera but seemed to never be able to find the money for it (Or never could pull the trigger). GoPro Hero4 would be a wonderful gift for any tech lover. Priced at $499.99. Find out more info here.

gopro hero

  • DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter with 2.7k HD Camera

We had to have a quadcopter on this list. There are many out there but this one fits my budget and nerd criteria. If you want a good quality quadcopter with a camera you can’t buy something less than $100. Price is $699 to $799 and is well worth it. Find out more info at Amazon or directly there website DJI.

phantom quadcopter

  • Polariod Z2300 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera

Polaroid cameras were so much fun when I was a kid. The photo printed right out in front of you (Instant satisfaction). Nerds and geeks alike would be happy to receive a gift like this. These have come along way and this model is on top. Price is around $179.99. Find out more info here.

10 Best Tech Gifts for Your 2015 Pic4

  • Anki OverDrive

YES!! Where was this racetrack when I was a kid? My boys would have to fight me for this gift. This is a amazing gift for kids and big kids alike. Price for the starter track is $149.99 on sale for $119.99. Find out more info here.

10 Best Tech Gifts for Your 2015 Pic5

  • Mattel View-Master VR

This list is taking me back to my youth and I’m loving it. The View-Master was the best toy you could have as a kid. Now they have updated this to an even better 3D viewer. I might be a 38 year old man but for the price I think this should be in my stocking this year. Price is $29.99!! Find out more info here.

mattel viewmaster

  • Koala Tablet Wall Mount Dock by Dockem

Now this would be a very helpful product to have around. We are going so mobile this gift would bring a smile to the receiver’s face and it doesn’t cost much. Price is $29.99. Find out more info here.

koala tablet

  • Moff Wearable Smart band

When I found this I knew it had to be on this list. This might be made for kids but I think I might want one to wear too. With the Moff Band, anything is possible – just slap it on, pick a sound , and transform the world around you. That is what they say, so pick one up and make that kid smile when they open their gift. I know I would 🙂 Price is $54.99. Find out more info here Moff website and Amazon.


  • Touch Tonic (For Gloves)

Who has not had this problem? You know, wearing your gloves in winter and trying to use your cell phone (Doesn’t work). These geniuses figured out how to fix that. Put a little bit of this on the tips of your gloves. Magic, you now can use your devices without taking the gloves off. A must have gift for any tech lover. Price is $20.00.  Find out more info here

10 Best Tech Gifts for Your 2015 Pic9

  • Digitsole Smart Insoles

The final product on this list will warm your sole… OK your feet. But with this product you can warm your toes and be fit at the same time. This baby will count your steps through the day and heat your feet on those cold days. Digitsole is an awesome gift for any true tech. Price $199. Find out more here.

10 Best Tech Gifts for Your 2015 Pic10

There it is people your shopping list for your nerdy, geeky tech in your life. If I could get away with it I would buy each and everyone of these.

Which one would you choose?


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