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  • Macrium Reflect free imaging software

    Before we get started I want to make it clear that, as a feature limited offering, Macrium Reflect Free cannot be compared favorably with commercial counterparts. When it comes to a full, unlimited backup and imaging solution Daves Computer Tips recommends Acronis True Image above all. That said, not everyone can afford to purchase the […]

  • How to backup your Windows Home Server V1

    We’ve talked about how useful Windows Home Server is in the past. We’ve also talked about how Windows Home Server protects your files by duplicating them on multiple hard drives to protect against failure. But my motto has always been, “You can never have enough backups!” If you’re Uninteruptable Power Supply fails, your motherboard dies […]

  • How do backups work in Windows Home Server V1

    The best feature for the home user in Windows Home Server has to be the backup of every Windows based computer on your network. Once you have installed the Connector software on a computer WHS will begin backing it up automatically. There are settings that you can control such as: backup time and number of […]

  • How to create a Windows 7 system image

    You can never have enough backups and I’ve always encouraged Daves Computer Tips readers to use Acronis True Image to backup their computer, and I still do. An image is the ultimate backup with the ability to restore your computer to the exact state it was in when the image was created. True Image has […]