Two new free backup and sync applications

Here, at DCT, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of regular backups. I’m still constantly amazed at the numbers of users who do not utilize any sort of backup strategy in order to help protect their precious personal data.

There are already plenty of free backup options available but I wanted to bring to your attention two new programs which have been released very recently. Please be aware that I have not tested either of these applications, I am merely pointing them out as possible alternatives for you to check out and make your own decisions. In my opinion, one of the most crucial aspects for backup type software is simplicity, and both these appear to fit that bill.

#1 Auslogics BitReplica

The fact that this freeware emanates from the well respected Auslogics stable immediately caught my attention, and the feature set certainly does not disappoint. With inclusions such as – fully customizable backup rules, incremental and differential backups, synchronization, and built-in scheduler – BitReplica appears to cover all desirable options.

BitReplica is a free tool for backing up files stored on your Windows PC. It protects your photos, music, documents and any other data from being lost due to a hard drive crash, virus attack or accidental deletion. The program should be especially useful for anyone who has several storage drives (it could be several hard drives installed on one PC or several PCs networked together).

  • More on BitReplica from the home page HERE
  • Download: 5.16MB executable. Supports 32 and 64-bit.

#2 WinDataReflector

This one comes to us compliments of Veridium Software, a developer I must admit I am not familiar with. Again, most desirable features appear to be included – no mention of incremental or differential backups though:

  • Two way synchronization with fully customizable rules
  • Automatic synchronization and backup with built in scheduler
  • Run multiple tasks simultaneously in tabs
  • File and folder filtering using Regular Expressions or regular search
  • Delete options: never delete, move files to recycle bin or permanently delete files

The blurb on WinDataReflector’s home page suggests that the software has been designed around a lightweight and simplistic blueprint:

WinDataReflector is a lightweight file synchronization and backup tool that wraps up fast file comparison and transfer algorithms into a simple and clear interface that offers you visual comparison of files and folders before synchronizing and backing them up and support for two way synchronization with fully customizable rules.

  • More on WinDataReflector from the home page HERE
  • Download: 3.3MB executable. Separate 32-bit and native 64-bit versions available.

What I can tell you with absolute certainty is that both these applications scan 100% clean through Virus Total, and installation is straightforward and free from any bundling or nasty surprises.

It seems to me that BitReplica tends to place more emphasize on the ‘backup’ function while WinDataReflector leans more toward synchronization – at least that’s the impression. Seeing how backup and synchronization pretty much go hand in hand, it’s probably a matter of six of one and half a dozen of another.

My own personal backup strategy involves a combination of manually transferring data to external media (generally external hard drives) and imaging. Please let us know your backup strategies – any opinions on the BitReplica and/or WinDataReflector software would also be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Two new free backup and sync applications”

  1. Dear Jim Hillier,

    I’d like to refer you to the following website:

    Do the limitiations/incompatibilities which are referred to in that MS kb article, also apply when using AugLogics BitReplica software to backup data, emails etc.?

    thanks in advance for your help.


    1. Hey Brian – The limitations apply regardless of what software is involved.

      The way I read it: If you are utilizing a hard drive of more than 2TB capacity for data only then there is no problem. It’s only when the disk needs to be bootable that the other requirements come into play.

      Hope that helps,
      Cheers… Jim

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