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  • DCTech News and Views

    TrueCrypt Fork – Permission Denied An email purportedly emanating from one of the TrueCrypt developers has said it’s unlikely anyone will receive permission to start an independent “fork” that borrows from the current source code, a refusal which further clouds the future of the highly regarded application. I am sorry, but I think what you’re […]

  • Audit Clears TrueCrypt of NSA Backdoors

    Edward Snowden’s revelations regarding the NSA’s covert spying activities not only served to heighten the issue of online privacy, they also created a general atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust. One software which came under the microscope in particular was the popular and widely used TrueCrypt. More than 30 million users worldwide have utilized the free […]

  • TrueCrypt to be Audited: Can it be trusted?

    TrueCrypt is a popular free and open-source cross-platform disk encryption program which has garnered quite a following over the years and subsequently established a massive and faithful userbase. However, TrueCrypt has come under the microscope recently with a number of leading security experts questioning the software’s veracity. So much so that a fundraising campaign has […]

  • How to use TrueCrypt

    TrueCrypt is a very powerful program that you use to create virtual encrypted disks (which are basically just files on your hard drive that can be mounted as if they’re disks, complete with unique drive letters). You can also encrypt entire partitions or hard drives and encrypt entire USB flash drives. For most people, a […]