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  • Kaspersky Gets Hacked

    Installing anti-virus software isn’t always enough to protect against hack attempts. Sometimes the companies themselves get hacked. As happened to Kaspersky recently. This article covers how a top anti-virus company was infiltrated by an Advanced Persistent Threat.

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    The LastPass Breach of 2015

    Another day, another massive data breach. I woke up, checked my emails, and saw a message titled: LastPass Security Notice. My first thought was “urgh, another phishing email!”. I was wrong, very wrong. LastPass released an email and published a blog post covering an intrusion detected on their network. The details still seem a little […]

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    How To Secure A New Router

    When you purchase a new router there are some very basic first steps that must be taken if you are the least bit concerned with the security of your Home Network. I find it somewhat disheartening that since any decent router can be a great hardware firewall, people still seem to ignore the user name […]

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    Stay Safe with ESET and save 50%

    Many of the “old timers” here at DCT know that I am a die hard fan of ESET’s security products and personally use them exclusively. Something just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t have Eset Smart Security installed on my PC’s. Eset Smart Security is extremely effective, light on resources, and continually passes industry tests […]

  • 5 Steps to Help Mitigate Risk Exposure

    Identity theft has increased 103% over the past 12 months… As everyday use of the internet expands so does our level of risk exposure. The amount of data we divulge through the devices we use, either by design or inadvertently, is growing at a rate exponential to the expansion of online resources. In a world […]

  • Microsoft Upgrades Internet Explorer Security

    An upcoming update for Internet Explorer will add a new security feature that blocks out-of-date ActiveX controls. In a move described by Microsoft as being specifically about ActiveX, the new feature will be managed per medium of an active blocklist. At this early stage the list contains just one offender – Oracle’s Java ActiveX control […]

  • Which Browser is the Most Secure?

    In fact, is there any such animal as a “most secure browser”. This is the question Skybox Security set to out to answer – as they ask in their opening statement, “What defines the degree of security of software? How can one evaluate the security of a web browser when lacking clear definition? So, the […]