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  • windows-7-amnesia-folder-image

    Fix The Windows 7 Amnesia Problem With ShellFolderFix

    Windows 7 Amnesia I was excited about the Windows 7 release and purchased a license right away. It didn’t take long for me to  notice that it no longer remembered window Sizes and Positions. XP didn’t have that problem. I thought for quite awhile that I was forgetting something. Eventually, I started looking around on […]

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    The Right-Click Menu Made Easy

    Right-Click Menu I have written several articles over the years about changing the right-click menu. These have usually involved editing the Windows Registry in some way. Truth be told, many people are justifiably nervous about hacking into the Registry. If you are one of those people, then you’re probably right to not mess around in […]

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    A Techie’s Tool Box or The Mechanic’s Woe

    The Mechanic’s Woe We’ve all heard the stories about how the poor mechanic is trying to discern the meaning of the different grunts, chirps, and wheezing noises another person is uttering over the phone to describe how his/her car sounds at the moment. A nearly impossible situation. Ultimately, the frustrated mechanic will tell his potential […]

  • Computer Shopper

      About six months ago, I was sitting on the couch surfing TV, the web, my phone, and Facebook simultaneously when my wife calls out from the other room: “What’s an IRQL not less or equal error?” ~blink~ Good question, I thought to myself as I disentangled myself from my laptop, phone, remotes, snacks, drinks, […]

  • NirLauncher – a collection of brilliant utilities!

    Nir Sofer is the freeware developer responsible for the terrific range of NirSoft tools and utilities; all NirSoft freeware is lightweight, portable, and very effective. Nir Sofer has recently combined over 100 of his extremely useful utilities into one downloadable package called NirLauncher. The package includes a vast array of tools and utilities; password recovery, […]

  • Tweaking.com – Automatic Windows Repair

    There are several excellent tools available to help us rid our system of malware, but what about any damaged files and altered settings malware can leave behind, even after it has been completely eradicated! This is where the tools available from Tweaking.com can come in very handy. Tweaking.com provides a number of tools to easily […]

  • Free watermarking tools that don’t require installation

    Do you need to watermark photos or images, for posting on a Blog or on social sites? If you do require this functionality and you’re anything like me, you will much prefer if you could achieve the desired results without needing to install software. Option #1 – Online Tools There are plenty of online watermarking […]

  • How to set portable software as the default application

    When we install certain programs they will automatically set themselves as the default application to open all associated files, as part of the installation process. Some typical examples are; a media player for opening video and audio files, a word processor or PDF reader for opening documents and an image viewer for opening digital images. […]