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    Improve Security – Stop Using Passwords

    Password vs Passkey Security experts have shown us over the past couple of years how little effort some people put into coming up with the passwords that will secure their online accounts, routers, eMail, etc. It seems that so many people demonstrate an amazing indifference to the potential consequences of a weak password or they […]

  • The Amazing Unbreakable, Changeable Password

    Get ready for some upsetting news: the only way to ensure security in the modern world is to have distinct passwords for every online login system. The majority of online identity theft occurs when a common password is used for several sites. You might have a great password for your Bank of America account. You […]

  • Why You Should Stop Using Fingerprint Security

    Science fiction writers have been obsessed with the Biometric Future for over seventy years, but it wasn’t until 1999 that a paper titled “Biometrics Personal Identification in Networked Society” started to make that dream a reality. In the paper, authors Jain, Bolle, and Pankanti determine seven factors that would need to be considered for Biometric […]

  • A Guide to Stronger Passwords – How Big is Your Haystack?

    “Every password you use can be thought of as a needle hiding in a haystack” ~ Steve Gibson Renowned security expert Steve Gibson has recently created a new component of the GRC (Gibson Research Corporation) site called “Haystack” with a view to helping users better understand what sorts of passwords can best protect them from […]

  • How To: Find Your Wi-Fi Password in Windows 8.1

    Once you’ve successfully connected to your own wi-fi network it isn’t generally necessary to connect again or remember the password. However, I’m sure many of you will have encountered the situation where visitors want to access your wi-fi and, even though your computer still knows what the password is two or three years later, you’ve […]

  • 25 Worst Passwords of 2014

    Password management app company SplashData has recently released its annual list of the “Worst Passwords” for the year 2014. The list contains the 25 most commonly used online passwords compiled from more than 3.3 million leaked passwords during 2014 and thus represents the most commonly guessed and compromised passwords of the year. If we needed […]

  • LastPass Security Challenge

    LastPass really wants to keep you safe. Besides just keeping all your long and hard to guess passwords safe, LastPass can give you a safety score and show you how to make your score higher. (Better security!) To start your Security Check, open LastPass and look at the left column in your vault. When you […]