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    Are You A Gadget Freak?

    The World is essentially divided into two distinct groups– those who love gadgets and those who don’t. I happen to fall squarely in the former group, if it plugs in or takes batteries, I definitely want one! It’s circa 1970 and a salesman knocks on our front door. Turns out he’s selling this new gadget […]

  • Are Drones Maybe Bad News?

    Does the increasing numbers of drones represent a threat to our privacy and safety? Should drone ownership and the use of drones be better regulated? I wrote an article a while back about drones called (Super Drone! Are They Going Too Far?), in which I talked about the potential for drones to invade our privacy […]

  • Super Drone! Are They Going Too Far?

    We have all seen these flying marvels either in the air or on the news? Drones have became the new big thing to own nowadays. Plus they have grabbed a lot of media attention for the way in which some businesses and civilians are using them. With that being said let’s talk a little bit about these […]

  • Who Needs a Sheepdog – Watch this drone herding sheep (video)

    Two brothers in Ireland, one a farmer and the other a drone operator/photographer, have collaborated to produce the world’s first drone sheepdog. Does the drone do a good job of herding the sheep – judge for yourself: Once trained, a sheepdog probably doesn’t require as much overseeing and human interaction, but then again, a drone […]

  • Awesome Drone Footage of Erupting Volcano (video)

    The folks at drone company DJI recently trekked to Iceland to capture the massive Bardarbunga Volcano erupting, and the result is nothing short of amazing. The team used Phantom 2 quadcopter drones with GoPro cameras attached, and DJI’s Lightbridge wireless high-definition remote video system to capture an exploding magma caldera, which would be too dangerous […]

  • Judy’s Tech News Digest

    Two Million Stolen Accounts Trustwave security researchers announced that they have discovered a criminally controlled web server that contains nearly two million stolen account usernames and password. Many popular sites, such Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Yahoo, were affected. Trustwave reported the following number of accounts comprised: Facebook – 318,000  accounts Gmail, Google+ and YouTube – […]