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  • The Electric Buzz

    Tesla, have you ever heard of him? Nikola Tesla, the inventor who brought us the alternating current (AC), wireless lighting and of course the Tesla coil. He also happens to be the namesake to a much more recent re-invention– Tesla electric cars. They’ve taken a century-old idea of the electric automobile and managed to turn […]

  • CCPA – Another Privacy Policy

    Have you noticed a slew of websites, Apps and email subscriptions releasing a new privacy policy recently? If it seems as if every online retailer, blog, or news site has been begging you to look over and accept this new policy, you’re not alone. Many companies are updating these for one very specific reason– California. […]

  • Drones, Drones, Drones…

    Imagine a time without cars. Just over a century ago, streets were meant for pedestrians just as much as they were for horses and carriages. There was no traffic, no parking lots. To get somewhere you’d walk, hop on a horse-drawn trolley, or take the train. It may seem like a romantic departure from our […]

  • What Is Quantum Supremacy?

    Last week Google made a pretty stark announcement. Google reported that it had achieved something called “quantum supremacy”.  As menacing and totalitarian as that may seem, it’s not quite the sinister achievement it sounds like. In fact, IBM isn’t quite sure this achievement is even all too impressive. So what in the world is this […]

  • Here Come the Biometrics

    Let me take a wild guess at something. Everyone who is reading this now hates going to the airport. No, I don’t mean you hate flying or traveling. I mean you hate going to the airport. The long lines, the constantly changing rules about baggage and fees. Then there’s the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with […]

  • What’s the Deal With “eSports”?

    eSports. It’s the new billion-dollar sports industry that’s picking up steam. With its large auditoriums of colored lights, big screens, and headset-wearing gamers, it’s quite the phenomenon. Grand prizes are getting larger by the year, the audience is growing rapidly and so are the number of teams. If you’re wondering what eSports is exactly, well […]

  • Mental Health In The Digital Age

    When thinking of an article to write for the week I go through a brainstorming process that resembles a category 5 hurricane. It’s a whirlwind of ideas smashing against one another, a rapid stream of thought going 180 miles an hour and in the end, the course will be unpredictable. There’s one thing that’s certain– […]

  • Data– The New Frontier

    Have you ever had a moment when you’re chatting casually with friends about a dream vacation to Iceland and the next day your Facebook and Instagram are full of ads for Iceland? This happens to me far too often. One moment I’ll be sitting on the couch with a friend talking about needing a new […]