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  • Learning Computers: Search Engines

    Links to all articles included in this series: The Beginning: Opening introduction to the series Browsers: What are they? How to make them a safer door to Web. Search Engines: The Good, Bad and Ugly. Understanding search results. (you are here) Malware and Virus: What is Malware? – What is a Virus? What is the difference […]

  • How to Disable Focused Advertising

    Focused advertising is, to some, a real problem.  Some people don’t like to have advertising companies knowing about their particular browsing habits. I happen to be one of those people. I despise Bankers, Insurance companies, and Politicians– not necessarily in that order. They all have one thing in common–  greed. Oh, it isn’t the love […]

  • More On: Tracking Cookies & ‘Do Not Track’

    Much has been written about the implementation of tracking cookies, and 3rd party tracking cookies in particular… which are primarily utilized to gather data for targeted advertizing. Some time back I mentioned the “Do Not Track” type feature which, when enabled, is supposed to prevent (or at the very least dissuade) sites from tracking your […]

  • Are cookies harmful?

    Chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal, or Girl Scout? Nope, not that kind. Amazing that I knew what you are thinking! Hey, might as well go into the kitchen and eat one or two. It will help you concentrate. Cookies refer to small text files that are stored on your computer by your browser. Data is sent […]