Kids Reaction to Old Computers (video)

If you think Windows 8 is tough, watch these kids trying to figure out how to use a computer from the “olden days” – a thoroughly amusing insight:



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Jim Hillier

Jim is the resident freeware aficionado at DCT. A computer veteran with 30+ years experience who first started writing about computers and tech back in the days when freeware was actually free. His first computer was a TRS-80 in the 1980s, he progressed through the Commodore series of computers before moving to PCs in the 1990s. Now retired (aka an old geezer), Jim retains his passion for all things tech and still enjoys building and repairing computers for a select clientele... as well as writing for DCT, of course.


  1. Lovely !
    What wonderful expressions.
    Nice find and thanks for sharing.
    Everyone here liked it too.
    Makes me go all sentimental for my 512k Amiga..which by the way looks spaceage compared to some of those others.

  2. The first computer that I worked on was a UNIVAC I . The first micro-computer that I programmed wae a Kapro II.