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Ransomware has quickly grown into one of the most prevalent threats today and is showing no signs of abating any time soon. We’ve already published several articles discussing methods for the prevention of ransomware, you can catch up with those articles by clicking the following links:

ransomware 1When it comes to Ransomware, as with all forms of malware infections, prevention is always preferable over cure. However, nobody is immune from occasional lapses in concentration and with Ransomware’s increasing widespread proliferation there are bound to be more and more users falling victim. Security software companies have already developed a number of free tools to help users decrypt files which have been encrypted by Ransomware, however, these tools are generally fairly limited in their scope.

A large part of the problem is that there are so many different Ransomware variations – currently more than 50 known Ransomware families and growing – and how quickly they are mutating. This makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for decryption tools to support every single type of Ransomware. So, the developers of these tools tend to concentrate only on a relatively small number of the most common strains. Here is a list of Ransomware decryption tools available for download from MajorGeeks: Ransomware Removal.

Emsisoft Ransomware Decrypter Tools

emsisoft decrypter tools banner

That rather elongated intro finally brings us to the point of this article. As far as I am aware, the largest collection of Ransomware decrypter tools is available from well respected security company Emsisoft. Emsisoft has developed 19 separate free decrypter tools each supporting a specific type of Ransomware. They are: ApocalypseVM, Apocalypse, BadBlock, Xorist, 777, AutoLocky, Nemucod, DMALocker2, HydraCrypt, DMALocker, CrypBoss, Gomasom, LeChiffre, KeyBTC, Radamant, CryptInfinite, PClock, CryptoDefense, Harasom.

Each tool is associated with a brief description to help users identify which particular strain he/she is dealing with:

emsisift decrypter tools

If/when you visit the site, be sure to take a look at the numbers of downloads for each tool directly under the download buttons – quite alarming! We certainly hope that no-one falls victim to this most pernicious of infections but it won’t hurt to bookmark Emsisoft’s tools – just in case.

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