Boootube: The worst of the worst YouTube videos

No, it’s not a typo… the name of the site is Boootube… with an extra “o”. Boootube brings together a huge collection of the worst videos ever posted on YouTube, ranked by the number of down votes each has received. Apparently, someone decided that the “worst” YouTube videos might be just as funny or entertaining as the “best” YouTube videos… go figure!!

Anyway, to find out for yourselves, just visit and check ’em out. All videos are presented in handy thumbnail format, hover your mouse cursor over a thumbnail to view a brief description or simply click to watch the video.


I managed to get through half a dozen or so very bad videos without losing all hope for mankind… barely. Is it possible to have a “favorite” worst video?

1 thought on “Boootube: The worst of the worst YouTube videos”

  1. I think they should re-name it to BOOB TUBE..What a sorry mess those videos are. I think I will stick to the You Tube site.They have plenty of bad videos too but at least I can find some decent ones while I am there. LOL !

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