World’s Thinnest Phone: Hammers in Nails, Smashes Fruit & Cracks Nuts (video)

At just 4.85mm, the Chinese manufactured Oppo R5 is being hailed as the thinnest smartphone ever.

Oppo R5 3

Smartphones are getting thinner and thinner, and it seems consumers are becoming more and more concerned as to whether these phones are still tough enough to survive a hard day at the office. So, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has released a video of the R5, titled “The R5 – Does it SMASH?”, going through a series of challenges to show just how tough the smartphone really is.

Hammering in nails and cracking nuts open with a smartphone might seem a tad extreme but, in the end, I guess it does prove a point:

I enjoyed the background music too. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it had me rockin’. ­čÖé


1 thought on “World’s Thinnest Phone: Hammers in Nails, Smashes Fruit & Cracks Nuts (video)”

  1. Well, it survived being driven over, not all that impressive.
    Will it survive being sat on? More phones are probably broken this way.

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