Windows 7 users – get ready for Internet Explorer 10

IE10Following almost 2 years of tinkering and testing, Microsoft has finally released Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 SP1… (yes, SP1 is a requirement).

Internet Explorer 10 will be rolled out to Windows 7 users via Windows Updates over the coming weeks. However, for those who’d prefer not to wait, IE10 is available for direct download right now, in 95 languages, here:

Internet Explorer 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s formative browser which has been included┬á in Windows 8 since the new operating system’s official release in late October. The Windows 7 version also features a touch-enabled interface, although the look and feel remain very similar to the minimalistic IE9.

So, the big question… to upgrade or not to upgrade?

If you’re an habitual Internet Explorer user the answer is pretty straight forward… yes, definitely. Latest browser versions invariably provide higher levels of security as well as enhanced feature sets. Internet Explorer 10 includes an integrated spell checker (well overdue) and auto-correct features. Flash player is also now integrated into the browser. Under the hood we have improved support for Web standards, such as HTML 5… and ‘Do Not Track’ is now enabled by default. Perhaps most critically, Internet Explorer 10 is very fast, according to Microsoft, around 20% faster than IE9.

I have Firefox installed alongside Internet Explorer 10 in my Windows 8 system, I can tell you unequivocally that IE10 absolutely kills Firefox 19 in the speed department. I haven’t compared IE10 with Chrome myself but there are plenty of user comments suggesting that IE10 is even faster than Google’s browser. I’m still using IE9 in my Windows 7 system and, although a side-by-side comparison is difficult at best, I get the feel that IE10 is definitely more responsive.

Even though it is currently not my default browser, in my humble opinion, Internet Explorer 9 is a very good browser, fast and secure… Internet Explorer 10 even more so.

5 thoughts on “Windows 7 users – get ready for Internet Explorer 10”

  1. HI Jim,

    This all sounds great. We are still on IE 8 but are planning to go to IE9 and will probably wait several months to upgrade to IE10 to see what other people that know more that us try it out. Great news though.

  2. I downloaded IE10 and found that I could not view PDF files at all.
    Uninstalled it and went back to IE9 and no problems downloading at all, so some tweaking is necessary before I try it again.

  3. Funny that you mentioned this … I just about 20 minutes ago uninstalled IE10 and went back to IE 9. I came to he conclusion that Microsoft sucks .. Everytime they come out with someting “bigger and better” its just more convoluted.. There is no way in Hell that I go with Win. 8 … You might laugh, but as far as I am concerned, WIN 98SE was he best Microsoft ever developed. My comput went bonkers after downloading IE10.. Screen freezes, not able to bring up some of the simplest things and on and on it went. I got so frustrated I felt making a frisbee out of my laptop… I went online and heard that I was not the only one that had this problem… Thank God I’m back in business with IE9 and can stay Online w.o. rebooting every ten minutes. I still have an old DEll aout 3″ thick which I keep as a backup … It runs on Win98SE, Not one problem with it to this day … Imagine that ­čÖé That’s my story and I’m sticking to it ….

  4. I’ve had IE10 for a few months now and am not aware of any problems. Of course I hardly use it because Google Chrome is my #1 and Mozilla Firefox #2.

    For IE users, some new features of Gmail apparently don’t work well unless using IE10 (or Chrome or Firefox).

  5. We’ll don’t download the beta version. I tried it and had to reinstall win7 on my system! IE10 caused the problem after restart of my pc to change the directory of win7 c: to the directory where I have my documents e:. Tried to solve the problem with repair disk but with no success. Since I set up my directories to different partitions (just for instances like this one) I can reinstall windows with minimal los of data. Be careful when installing beta versions from MS or other software. It can screw up your system and force you to reinstal.

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