Windows 12 Rumored For Release Late 2024

I must stress that this is mostly speculation at this point in time, but there are certainly enough hints to suggest that a Windows 12 is well on the way.

At the Build 2023 developer conference, Microsoft dropped a hint that it is working on a “next-gen Windows”,  which seems to imply Microsoft is already planning to launch a new iteration of Windows – most likely Windows 12. Microsoft had previously referred to a “Next Valley Prototype Design”, again indicating that a new Windows version is in the pipeline.

According to sources who attended the developer conference, Microsoft is experimenting with a “floating Taskbar” and references have been made to “deeply integrated AI features” for its next-gen Windows. We have suggested previously that the next Windows will be largely AI-driven and these reports tend to back up that assertion: Are We Heading For an AI-Driven Windows 12?

(Credit: Windows Latest)
Win12 Floating Taskbar

The rumor mill is suggesting that Windows 12 (or whatever the final name might be) will be released sometime late in 2024, possibly in the third quarter, with a wider rollout slated for 2025.

The irony of all this is that, as a new Windows version is under discussion, Windows 11 is currently making substantial inroads into the overall Windows market share. Windows 10 still enjoys a healthy lead in the overall market share, but Windows 11 is steadily gaining ground, especially among the gaming community.

6 thoughts on “Windows 12 Rumored For Release Late 2024”

  1. If they really want to do something useful, make all of their operating systems backward compatible to, say Windows 98SE. Or have a virtual machine that sets up running 98SE, or what ever system a person wanted, when installing the new OS.

    1. I would love that! I’d be back to windows 7 in a flash. I have windows 11 & I still don’t know how to do a lot of things.

  2. Charles David Hadden

    Yep, considering Win 11 turned out to be another Win 8 I can see why, but I’m afraid that what we are expecting isn’t going to anywhere near what Win 11 was to replace it.

    1. Peter Thompson

      My issue with Windows 11 is I just can’t afford to replace my over 10 year computer right now.

      It’s getting old, so it’s not compatible but I wouldn’t have installed it anyways due to its age.

      I feel the fact Microsoft released an OS that wasn’t compatible with a lot of hardware, some not even that old, when most of the world was suffering financially, is what really hurt windows 11

      And yes there are ways to bypass this but most general users won’t be able to do that

  3. Hopefully they will listen to the negative feedback over Windows 11 and allow us to customise Windows 12 a lot more the way we want to rather than the take it or leave it attitude currently.
    And also let’s hope the Ai implementation is useful when actually needed and not embedded into the O/S constantly getting in our way – similar to Microsoft Word’s unhelpful, pain in bum “Clippy”.
    I can almost hear it now – “Hi, I’m Bing Ai – Are you absolutely certain you don’t want to reinstall Microsoft Edge ? Go on, give it another try, you know you want to…..”

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