Windows 10 Quick Tips – Prepare For Creators Update

Creators Update

creators-update-imageFor starters, I’d like to point out that this week’s Quick Tips is going to be “quick”, and it is also going to be a tip, but there won’t be any step-by-step instructions. It is more of merely being a good idea– a preparation for the upcoming Creators Update being pushed out by Microsoft in the near future (April 11 is when it officially will begin rolling out over several days). The  Creators Update is a huge thing really, and we should all be prepared for the worst. I don’t mean to sound cynical.

  • If you haven’t done so, make a backup of your system. That is the whole crux of this post. I know, I know… I harp on this subject. Just do it. I will feel bad if you lose all your stuff, but not very bad.

Normally, I wouldn’t be worried about an update shoved out by Microsoft, but given their recent stream of buggy updates, I’m afraid I’m a bit afraid. My boss said, “A real man would just go ahead and do the update!”

Well, boss, why wasn’t I afraid when Windows XP Service Packs came out? Huh?

In a previous article about the scary Creators Update, I said I was going to defer this particular update and, therefore, the only logical reaction is that I must be a weak weenie. (You may draw your own conclusions.)

Note: Truth be told, I really want to install this update, if for no other reason than to see how badly it mucks things up. Isn’t that a sad statement… but, I will stick to my guns.

The Uncomfortable Zone

uncomfortable-zoneThe fact is, in my opinion, being afraid these days is a good idea. It is a strength rather than a weakness. The whole concept not only protects us from the ongoing terrible updates that we, the users of these complex systems, have had to tolerate of late, but also the influx of malware that inundates us on a daily basis. Let us speak plainly– Microsoft has pushed out a lot of buggy updates over the past year. There was a time when I trusted Microsoft to provide regular updates for their very own operating system and I never gave it a second thought. Nowadays, I shudder every time one of those things comes down the pike. This is a sad state of affairs.

The Solution

The only real solution I can think of is to either make a backup of your computer (which you should be doing anyway), or defer the updates until you see that millions of other people (read: guinea pigs) have had no problems, at which point you can go ahead and confidently (almost) install the updates.

Note: The backup idea is something that should be done under normal situations anyway. I cannot stress enough that it should most certainly be done before extreme circumstances such as these.


The bottom line is that it puts us all in an uncomfortable position. Here we are by the millions, trusting this huge corporation to deliver updates for a system that billions rely on, and they can’t seem to get it right. In fact, it has vitiated from exemplary to terrible. Hmmm…

This includes governments who run this operating system as well– who happen to like aiming sharp, pointy, explosive objects at us. Once again, “Hmmm…”.

Since I said I was going to defer this month’s update, that is what I’m going to do; I will stick to my promise regardless of what names my boss may call me (“Real Man”, indeed. Hmmph!). I will defer this Windows update until I am satisfied that all the bugs have fallen out of the tree. Well… maybe not “all” the bugs.

I’ll give it a couple of weeks, and I expect a lot of whining going on (I hope I’m wrong),


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  1. Is this something like “prepare to defend your PC gentlemen” or maybe “circle your wagons”. I think I will just unplug my W10 drive and just use W8.1 and W7, until the bugs are worked out.

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