Watching Some Egg-citing Nature, Thanks to Webcam

eagle mama-with-eggsEagle-mania is occurring in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Two pairs of eagles took up residency in two different Pittsburgh suburbs, Hays and Harmar, last year.  Eagles are not native to this area so this is a big deal.  Last summer, crowds gathered on a daily basis to watch the eagles in both locations.  Due to construction, the Harmar pair are a little harder to observe this year.

As we all know, technology can be used for both good and bad.   In the case of these eagles, technology is definitely being put to good use.

PixController, Inc., a company that specializes in outdoor, self-contained, battery operated, wireless surveillance cameras and monitoring systems, has set up a webcam to broadcast the comings and goings of the eagles in Hays.

The biggest attraction is that there were three eggs.  The first egg hatched on March 28th; the second on March 30th.  The third is expected to hatch in a day or two.  To have an opportunity to watch the egg hatch and the eagles tend to the eaglets is captivating.  Due to technology, I am witnessing something truly remarkable.  Along with all of the tragic news lately, this has become a regular, ‘feel good’  news item.  Though originally just covered by the local news, ABC News did a segment on the eagles and their growing family.

I am addicted.  As I watch it now, 11,928 people are joining me from around the world.  There have been almost 738,000 views so far.  Kudos to PixController. Inc., the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Audobon Society, which posts updates on Facebook, for bringing the eagles into our lives.   It’s a nice diversion and something that we typically don’t have the opportunity to observe.

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