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  • WinRar Vulnerability Discovered, Should You Be Concerned

    The net is abuzz with news of a vulnerability uncovered in the popular WinRar software, potentially affecting over 500 million users worldwide. The vulnerability, which makes it possible for malicious code to be executed when opening self-extracting (SFX) ZIP or RAR files, was recently discovered by security researcher Mohammad Reza Espargham. In summary; attackers can exploit […]

  • The Most Vulnerable Browser Prize Goes to – Chrome!

    Secunia has recently released its Vulnerability Review 2015 which reports that more vulnerabilities were discovered in Chrome during 2014 than any other piece of core internet software – almost double that of the next nearest contender Internet Explorer. Actual results concluded by Secunia are: Chrome – 504 reported vulnerabilities Internet Explorer – 289 reported vulnerabilities […]

  • The ‘FREAK’ Vulnerability – Internet Explorer Users Note!

    There’s been a lot written recently regarding a vulnerability known as “FREAK”, much of it involving unnecessarily scary rhetoric. The truth of the matter is, for Windows users anyway, the only real risk is (or was) pretty much restricted to Internet Explorer. Both Firefox and Chrome in Windows are not susceptible to the FREAK vulnerability. […]

  • Internet Explorer Users Warned: New Zero-Day Exploit Discovered

    Microsoft has issued a Security Advisory warning Internet Explorer users of a targeted attack which exploits a previously unknown flaw to allow remote code execution. According to FireEye, the security firm credited with discovering the attack, all versions of Internet Explorer (v6 – v11) are vulnerable, although currently only versions 9 – 11 are being […]

  • Heartbleed: The Biggest Threat to Online Security Ever!

    It is being universally described as “catastrophic” and “the biggest security threat the internet has ever seen”… it is called Heartbleed. Heartbleed – What is it? “Heartbleed” is the name given to a bug recently discovered in a component of the widely utilized OpenSSL open source toolkit. The vulnerability can be exploited to overcome encryption […]

  • Foxit Reader critical security flaw discovered!

    A vulnerability has been discovered in the popular and widely utilized Foxit PDF Reader software; specifically through its browser plug-in which is installed by default in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Ironically, Foxit has always billed itself as the “secure” PDF reader. The vulnerability has been detailed in a Secunia Advisory and, because of its […]

  • Oracle issues update to patch latest Java vulnerability

    Everyone must surely be aware by now of the vulnerabilities inherent in the Java platform. News of the latest Java vulnerability has been doing the rounds… yet again – http://www.us-cert.gov/cas/techalerts/TA13-010A.html The previous serious incidence was brought to light only last August, as reported by DCT here: https://davescomputertips.com/2012/08/java-zero-day-exploit-expected-to-spread/ It’s fairly apparent that Java is a minefield […]

  • Attention Internet Explorer users!

    Internet Explorer 0-day vulnerability discovered This is big, folks! Earlier this week security researcher Eric Romang was studying the Chinese web servers used in the recent Java 0-day exploits (See my previous Junk You Java article) when he discovered they are exploiting a previously unknown vulnerability in Internet Explorer. As this was/is located on a […]

  • Java zero-day exploit expected to spread!

    Attackers have seized upon a security hole in Oracle’s ubiquitous Java software to break into vulnerable systems. Within days of its discovery it appears that the new zero day flaw could soon become widespread. The original report from FireEye indicates that initial attacks exploiting this weakness, emanating from a Chinese web server, have been targeted […]