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  • Be Wise Optimize – Part 2

    **Note: This is an in-depth article and as such is broken down into multiple pages. Please scroll to the bottom to continue reading the next page. In Part 1 we discussed how to download Wise Care 365 which is a suite of utilities all shown in the top blue header. In the right column you […]

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    Ease of Access – Not Just for the Disabled

    Ease of Access in Windows 7 Most of us are fortunate. Most of us don’t have debilitating physical conditions that may require huge adjustments in the way we interact with our environments. Others among us are not so lucky. There are an estimated 21 million blind adults in the United States as of 2006. “This is according to […]

  • Portable Freeware: Ss-Tools & SterJo Software

    I’m constantly on the lookout for new, interesting or innovative freeware, but anything labeled portable is always bound to pique my interest, regardless. Not all software can be portable of course, many programs need to be integrated into the system in order for them to work properly. However, there are many types of software which […]

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    The Right-Click Menu Made Easy

    Right-Click Menu I have written several articles over the years about changing the right-click menu. These have usually involved editing the Windows Registry in some way. Truth be told, many people are justifiably nervous about hacking into the Registry. If you are one of those people, then you’re probably right to not mess around in […]

  • NirLauncher – a collection of brilliant utilities!

    Nir Sofer is the freeware developer responsible for the terrific range of NirSoft tools and utilities; all NirSoft freeware is lightweight, portable, and very effective. Nir Sofer has recently combined over 100 of his extremely useful utilities into one downloadable package called NirLauncher. The package includes a vast array of tools and utilities; password recovery, […]