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  • What are the Best PC Specs for You

    Purchasing a new computer is not something most of us take lightly. We all tend to want the best possible for as little outlay as possible, that’s just human nature. Whenever someone asks me to build a custom machine for them, my first and most important question is always… “what will you be using it […]

  • Computer Specs: What the DCT Team Uses & Why

    A few weeks ago we published an article describing what sort of security arrangements are being utilized by the DCT Team, catch up that article here: PC Security: What does the DCT Team Use? This time, we’ve asked them to tell us about their own personal computers, what they use and why: Sherri “Social” Meinke […]

  • Microsoft reveals ‘Surface RT’ (tablet) pricing

    The official release of Windows 8 is now just around the corner, and the first of Microsoft’s new tablets, known as Surface, will also become available at the same time…  from October 26th. In fact, the Microsoft store has already been set up to accept pre-orders for Surface RT, and that means we now know […]