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    Why Traditional Antivirus Is Doomed

    Traditional Antivirus With more and more people performing more and more everyday activities online, cyber-crime has become a major growth industry. However, while the criminals’ methodology continues to evolve, in terms of both ingenuity and sophistication, the majority of home computer users are still relying heavily on traditional and antiquated antivirus technology. Computer security has […]

  • Shade Sandbox: New Sandboxing App

    I’m always interested in new programs that help users stay safe online. I’ve been a great advocate for Sandboxie over the years and still firmly believe that it, or something very similar, should be mandatory on all systems. These types of security programs work by isolating data/files in a virtual environment, or sandbox, completely separate […]

  • TimeFreeze: easily create a secure virtual environment

    Toolwiz Software is a relative newcomer to the ranks of freeware development and distribution but Toolwiz’s portfolio already includes an impressive range of free tools and utilities – you can view a list of all available titles including summarized descriptions for each HERE. The one that particularly caught my eye is Toolwiz TimeFreeze, a free […]