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    Windows 10 – Reset Or Repair?

    Windows 10 Abuse Due to the nature of my business, I am forever installing/uninstalling programs and utilities. I also abuse Windows 10 with settings changes, and I mean constantly. This is probably not what the average user does, but I find it necessary to not only learn for myself, but also to help you, dear […]

  • Is Reimage Repair Legitimate?

    Reimage is an online Windows repair tool which scans the system for free, then requires a payment to fix any identified issues. DCT may be a small fish in a very big pond but we still receive quite a few partnership and affiliate offers. These offers generally involve some sort of quid pro quo arrangement […]

  • PC Trials and Tribulations

    I’m not even sure you want to hear about my own personal PC trials and tribulations, you probably go through enough of your own. However, I’m going to relate this tale anyway, simply because I want to and can. And, you never know, someone just may learn something along the way. Disasters always seem to […]

  • Tweaking.com – Automatic Windows Repair

    There are several excellent tools available to help us rid our system of malware, but what about any damaged files and altered settings malware can leave behind, even after it has been completely eradicated! This is where the tools available from Tweaking.com can come in very handy. Tweaking.com provides a number of tools to easily […]