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    How To Update Your Profile Image On eBay

    eBay Profile Page A long, long time ago in a far off galaxy… wait… wrong story. To boldly go where no… not that one either. Here it is… there once was a man who sold on eBay (got it). Now, this was back in 1999/2000 when the world was getting ready for computer chaos, but […]

  • eBay Hack: Do NOT Respond Directly to Password Reset Emails

    The actual extent of the eBay hack remains unknown at this stage but eBay is in the process of sending out notification emails to all its members advising them to change their passwords. eBay currently has 145 million or so registered users worldwide so this process is bound to take some time, and it also […]

  • eBay Hacked – Change Your Password Now!

    Online marketplace eBay has released a statement urging eBay users to change their passwords. The company said hackers attacked between late February and early March with login credentials obtained from “a small number” of employees. The hackers then accessed a database containing all user records and copied “a large part” of those credentials. The breach […]

  • Antique Radio Hoarder on Ebay leaves hilarious product listings about wife

      If you’ve seen any one of the different tv shows about hoarding, or better yet an episode of American Pickers with an especially attached collector, you’ve witnessed how emotionally involved people can become with the objects they collect. When loved ones don’t share the same passion for collection, or even worse, resent the “hoarding’ behaviors, people […]