5 thoughts on “How To Manage Saved eBay Sellers (Updated)”

  1. The option you mention above, The final option that I found on this screen is how to sort. They give you two ways to sort your list:

    Date Added
    By Name

    does not work and has not since Ebay created this new format. I have mentioned this twice to Ebay, but of course they do not care and have not responded.

    1. Hi Gary,
      Does it even show the option for you? Or does it not sort it when you select it? I decided to try this on some other browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Edge) using my laptop and it worked for me. Did you try it on any other browsers. You might clear your cookies out on your browser since that can cause these issues sometimes. eBay is not that great at getting back to people. Trouble shooting is so much fun. Hope this helps.

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