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  • Toolbars & PUPS – The New Revenue Raiser

    Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPS), have been infesting our machines for years but certainly not in the same quantity and frequency as today. Unfortunately, freeware developers appear to have cottoned on to this shabby method for creating additional income in droves, to the point where, in this day and age, unpolluted freeware is becoming a genuine […]

  • More Ways To Avoid Unwanted Crapware

    Last week we published several articles dealing with the additional crapware which so often accompanies software installations, including a review of the freeware Unchecky. Following a couple of  comments from our readers, I thought this was a topic which could certainly be expanded upon. DCT reader “Tracy” suggested using ninite.com to avoid crapware, and I […]

  • How do you handle crapware?

    When was the last time you downloaded a software update, only to find you also invited half the street to join in the fun? You see, personal computing today can be akin to throwing a party and spending the rest of the evening fighting off hordes of gatecrashers. Everyone wants a piece of the action […]

  • What is Freeware – what is not?

    Last week I published an article regarding my freeware reviews, you can catch up with that article here: Freeware Reviews: The do’s and don’ts. The article elicited a couple of interesting comments regarding what actually constitutes freeware these days. One reader mentioned that “The definition of ‘FREEware’ is no longer what it used to be” […]

  • Beware: IObit Malware Fighter

    We let you know about the good software here at DCT, but we also warn about the not so good. The prolific software company IObit has recently released an anti-malware freeware called ‘IObit Malware Fighter 2’ which, it claims, includes real time protection. Free tools of this type which also include real time protection are […]

  • SourceForge’s new installer bundles adware!

    For the uninitiated; SourceForge is the primary repository for open source software, hosting more than 300,00 projects. By extension, this means that SourceForge has also become the primary download source for open source software. Apparently, SourceForge has now decided to offer developers the opportunity to monetize their projects per medium of a new revenue sharing […]

  • The Dangers of Downloading Free Software

    [important]This article was written by Bill Pytlovany and has been reposted here with his kind permission. Bill is the developer of the well known WinPatrol security program, he is among the original cyber-security researchers and one of the founding fathers of the Internet as we know it today.[/important] Intro by Jim: If you are a […]

  • Beware: Solimba and Somoto bundled with freeware

    I guess most people would be aware of OpenCandy by now, for those who are not, here is a short explanation compliments of Wikipedia: OpenCandy is an advertising software module consisting of a Microsoft Windows library that can be incorporated into a Windows installer. When a user installs an application that includes the OpenCandy library, […]

  • FreewareBB – helping you avoid those bundled extras

    It seems more and more developers are insisting on bundling extras with their freeware; toolbars are becoming common place as well as changes to home pages and search engines. Some are open and up front about it, many adopt a more sneaky approach – such as including automatic approval for additional installations/changes in a license […]