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  • Should You Be a Beta Tester for Apple?

    Apple will soon be releasing beta versions of its iOS and OS X software to participants in its Beta Software Program. Based on feedback that participants provide on usability and quality, Apple identifies and resolves issues prior to its production release. Should you participate in the free Beta Software Program? That depends. If you only have […]

  • Game Preview – The Crew (Beta)

    Developer: Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections Publisher: Ubisoft Genre: Racing, single player/multiplayer Release date : November 2014 Last week I threw my name into the hat to participate in the closed beta of  The Crew and this morning received the good news that I’d been accepted and would I please be good enough to enter the attached […]

  • Yet another method for luring unsuspecting downloaders?

    I came across the product page for this obviously fairly new software just yesterday… SurfCanister.  SurfCanister appears to be virtualization software which claims to provide a safe browsing environment for its users: Now, being virtualization software and apparently free, SurfCanister immediately piqued my interest. However, during further investigation I began to suspect that this might […]

  • Avast 7 Beta – Bigger, better, faster

    Avast Software has just announced the initial Beta release of its 2012 range of security products: http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=92820.0 Avast’s latest iteration includes additional and improved features, the introduction of cloud technology plus an array of configurable options which allow users to customize Avast’s protection to suit individual needs and/or leave Avast running comfortably alongside other security […]

  • Windows 8: Consumer Preview set for February 29th

    Reports are circulating that Microsoft is planning to debut Windows 8 Beta in Barcelona on February 29th. Nothing has actually been confirmed but events do appear to backup the assertion. Microsoft has always claimed it would release Windows 8 Beta (what it refers to as the ‘Consumer Preview’) late February, and February 29th just happens […]