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  • The App Store Has Been Hacked!

    The Apple community has long bragged about how it is seemingly immune to hackers. Not so anymore. Hundreds of apps are plagued with a serious security flaw. The hackers duped Chinese developers into using a counterfeit version of Xcode, Apple’s official development tool. WeChat, a messaging and calling app with 600 million users, was one […]

  • Mozilla plans on challenging proprietary app stores

    Mozilla’s very existence was founded on the doctrines of open competition. Indeed, its flagship Firefox browser was primarily conceived to provide Windows users with a viable alternative to the dominant yet insecure Internet Explorer. It appears Mozilla is now preparing to apply the principle across web apps. I believe we can all appreciate the benefits […]

  • Windows 8: Consumer Preview set for February 29th

    Reports are circulating that Microsoft is planning to debut Windows 8 Beta in Barcelona on February 29th. Nothing has actually been confirmed but events do appear to backup the assertion. Microsoft has always claimed it would release Windows 8 Beta (what it refers to as the ‘Consumer Preview’) late February, and February 29th just happens […]

  • Desura: Indie games galore!

    I am not a gamer by any means but my lovely wife is an avid fan and ‘she who must be obeyed’ makes sure I maintain due vigilance.  Every now and then I come across a good game which is worth mentioning or, as in this case, a good source for multiple games. Desura is […]