Something Cool for that Special Someone (if You Can Find It)

The watch industry has, by and large, taken a hit with many people carrying around cell phones these days.  Who needs a watch when they can look at their phone for the time?  Casio thinks that they have an answer to that question with their latest G-Shock watch (model GB6900AA).

The watch can connect with your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 via Bluetooth.  With Casio’s G-SHOCK+ app downloaded from the App Store, the watch can

— provide notification of incoming email and calls

— enable the iPhone alarm function via the Phone Finder function

—  vibrate if connectivity with the iPhone is lost

— synchronize its time with the iPhone

Why, you ask, would someone want this?  Actually, my nearly 20-year-old son asked for this for Christmas.  He currently has a ‘normal watch’ which is black and wants a white watch.  I guess he figures he might as well go for the gusto since he will be getting an iPhone 5 in February.  Actually, I think it’s pretty cool but I don’t think it would make me start wearing a watch again (if they offered a women’s version).

According to Casio’s website, this watch, priced at $180, has ‘limited availability at select retailers’.  Good luck with that.  Casio was kind enough to provide me with a list of retailers when I emailed them about my inability to find the watch.  I checked all of the retailers on the list and am still without a watch.  I found it on Amazon and eBay but at prices starting at $300, I passed.

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  1. hi judy
    i appeared in the first trs-80 national commercial for radio shack..seems like a hundred years ago..the on set tech had to show me how to turn it on!! lol

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