Smartphones – How Do You Use Yours?


I own a Smartphone like so many other people. For those who do not have Smartphones, here are some of the things they can do for you that a standard phone can not.

I use mine to text periodically (not a big fan of texting). I also use it in place of a separate digital camera. It is convenient and there when I need it.

**Note – Using a Smartphone as a camera will deplete the battery pretty quickly.

I never watch videos or use it as an MP3 player like some do. I prefer the convenience of a larger screen over that of my Smartphone. I also actually tune my guitars with an App versus using a battery operated guitar tuner. I have found it to be more accurate.

How Do You Use Yours?

I’d like to take a little survey here – How many of you…

  • Watch movies on them?
  • Use them instead of a separate digital camera to take pictures?
  • Use your phone for the time and alarms instead of a watch or a clock?
  • Call or text someone in the same house as you?
  • Use specific apps that you could not live without on your phone? Which ones?

I can not get over how some people utilize them as an extension of their own arm. They frequently check for updates even when nothing is happening. My own adult kids sleep with them under their pillows, take them into the bathroom with them and would not go camping or on vacation unless there was cellular service and they could stay connected.

Most people shy away from Smartphones as they do not want to pay the extra monthly fee for a data plan. I lucked out and my phone bill is only $50 a month. If cost is what is keeping you from taking the plunge, you might want to consider a Wi-fi only device. They are relatively inexpensive versus the cost of a full-fledged Smartphone. An iPod Touch, for example, can be used for keeping a calendar, shopping list, to-do list, eMail, web browser, MP3 player, etc.

Will computers become obsolete one day? Will everyone just have Smartphones?

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A long-standing Computer Geek with over 25 years of experience. Having owned her first Apple IIe and moving on up the ranks with a multitude of Windows-based pc’s to her latest toy, a Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet with Windows 10. Sherri repairs, upgrades, and recycles computers as well as consults, trains & designs Websites. She is a Former AOL Community Leader and loves forums as well as online training. She created the "Camp Wired" computer training program at the Medina County Library system, 8 years ago. It is a free computer education program teaching technology in a relaxed atmosphere where students at all levels get to mentor other students and grow in their knowledge and understanding of technology. This program runs year round with no signs of slowing down.

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