Random Photos: A little bit of humor in life

As usual, the following images are courtesy of MajorGeeks, DCT’s recommended download site:

As good as it gets – so close!


An oxymoron? Where are the grammar police when you need them!


Failed privacy shield!


A really bad case of pins and needles?

sticky situation

It’s a sign!!

its a sign

What’s up dog?

whats up dog - 5


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  1. The failed privacy shield got me………..
    At first, I thought it had to do with the push-pull doors.
    As I was scrolling to the next picture, it hit me. All the doors did was protect one’s face from peering eyes.
    As an expression my wife uses, “had it been a snake, I would have been bit”.

  2. Hey Jim. I have to drive through Mississippi quite frequently, can you imagine trying to decipher the road signs, but it helps being a native Arkansan.

  3. I play the Lotto and that Fantasy 5 made me laugh. Pretty much the same way my lotto tickets treat me. Almost but not quite 🙂