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So, I was happily browsing away this morning, as is my usual crack-of-dawn practice, and came across a web page that I wanted to bookmark, opened up the Bookmarks menu in Firefox and noticed this:


I’m not the most observant of people so this item may have been sitting there in Firefox’s Bookmarks menu for some time before noticed it. Anyway, my curiosity piqued, I decided to check it out. Clicking on the “View Pocket List” link took me to a page where I was required to sign-up:

pocket signup2

Still no clue as to what ‘Pocket’ actually is or does but I input an email address and password anyway – I may not be terribly observant but I am at least adventurous. Finally, all is revealed and I’m taken through a brief guide on how to save articles, videos, and web pages, using Pocket.

Further investigation reveals that Pocket actually started off in 2007 as an application named “Read It Later” – never heard of that one either. Anyway, that earlier concept has now apparently morphed into Pocket, a quick and easy method for saving, viewing, and sharing web content across multiple browsers and devices.

Pocket supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera browsers, all iOS and Android devices, and Kindle Fire.


Pocket is perfect for saving articles, blog posts, videos, images and more. If a page can be viewed in your web browser, it can be saved to Pocket.

Most articles, blog posts, and other text-based web pages will be viewable in Article View, where text, images and embedded videos will be formatted to fit perfectly on your device or computer screen. Other web pages that cannot be shown in Article View will be displayed in Web View, which is the same as viewing it in a browser.

In Firefox, Pocket plonks an icon at the far right of the address bar. Clicking on that icon then automatically saves the current page to your Pocket list:


From there, you can either choose to remove the page or view your list – clicking the latter will open your Pocket page in a separate tab revealing the list of saved items:


The menu across the bottom of each thumbnail is displayed by simply hovering the mouse cursor over the bottom area and provides the following functions (from left to right): view original – share – delete – edit tags – mark as favorite.

I’m sure Pocket would provide lots of useful functions in the areas of mobile devices and sharing, but I’ve never been much into that scene. However, Pocket is so quick and easy (fuss-free might be an apt description) that I reckon I’ll keep using the browser version for saving interesting items.


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