4 thoughts on “PayPal Login Issue Without Mobile”

  1. I,to have had issues with being taken to a page, requesting me to send paypal my moble phone no. I do not have moble phone. thisisue got to the point that I could not proceed with log in on paypal, past that message. I had to really push hard to get an alternate confirmation site.

    1. PayPal just confirmed that unless I give them my PRIVATE mobile number, I can not access PayPal. It’s that simple. I just closed my PP account.

      1. Agree Mike ! So many companies demand to have a PRIVATE mobile – when millions of people do not have one, or do not want to hand it over to companies who then abuse it and send unsolicited texts, or onsell your number. It is infuriating. Mobile phones are NOT secure and can easily be lost, stolen or hacked. Many people cannot even see the teeny weeny screens on mobile phones. Others cannot afford the cost of the handset plus the very high connection fees.

        1. Providing a mobile number, or some secondary means of contact, is an integral part of 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). It may be inconvenient but 2FA is absolutely essential to protect accounts for sites such as PayPal that deal with sensitive/financial information. Not sure about PayPal but most sites that require 2FA will generally accept a secondary email address as an alternative to a mobile number. Bottom line; an account without 2FA is an account that is well and truly susceptible to hackers.

          Mobile phones are NOT secure and can easily be lost, stolen or hacked

          Don’t know where you are getting that from but it is not accurate. Mobile phones provide highly effective security measures to protect against illegal use through loss or theft and are no easier to hack than any other device, perhaps even more difficult.

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