How Much Space Is Left On Your Drive?

Ever need to know how much space you have left on your hard drive, or a flash drive, or an external drive, or an SD card?

Win+E to open File Explorer

pick drive

On the left, locate This PC to see the drives on the PC. Quick Access displays shortcuts to recent files and folders. OneDrive gives access to all your files and folders on OneDrive. You may have additional items for other attached drives such as my USB flash drive shown here.

my pc

When you click on This PC, to the right, you are shown a summary of your drives. I have a hard disk, a DVD Drive, and a USB drive. The DVD has no numbers because I do not have a CD or DVD mounted in it. If I did, you would see the same information about the mounted CD or DVD. The 8GB drive is an external USB flash drive, an almost full one.

Notice the C: drive will hold a total of 389 GB and I have 174 GB free to use. With a little math, I know I have 215 GB in use. 

If I was going to do a full image backup of this drive, I would want to be sure my external hard drive had at least that much room, 215 GB. The actual space used by the backup would be less than that because the resulting backup would be a single compressed file.

I hope this was another useful addition to that toolbox.


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