Opera Update Screws Up Browser Yet Again

The latest Opera update renders my browser useless – can’t even go online. I only recently recovered from the last update. This is “strike two”. One more and you’re out Opera! “Firefox” would be my second choice. Anyway, they re-branded their browser as “Opera One”. I already had the installer downloaded from the last episode so I decided to run that.

It kinda made it better except The wallpapers didn’t show, had to adjust the interface size yet again, and when I clicked on a link in email, when it switched to Opera, I had to wait for the logo to load first. Every time. Another thing that kept popping up every time I opened Opera was this “intro page”. Originally, I would close this tab down. Online searching didn’t come across any answers so I decided to jump through the hoops of the “Intro page”.


On the first screen, click on “GET STARTED”.


Then select your Theme: Light, Dark, or System. Click on Next. Keep in mind that all these settings can be changed later in the browser settings.


Select your wallpaper. Click one of the six selections and then click Next.


Next, Ad Blocker, enable or not. For the record, I keep this disabled and don’t use any ad blockers. Next.


The next screen determines what apps appear in the sidebar. I only selected “Twitter”. Next


Import your Data from a previous browser (bookmarks for example). I don’t know if it will import saved passwords or not. Next


Finally, click on “START BROWSING”. This cleared up all the previously mentioned issues.


Here is the spanking brand new Opera One browser with DPI adjusted.


My customization includes changing wallpaper, importing my bookmarks, replacing speed dials with my own, dumping the search bar and weather gadget, auto-hiding the sidebar, and going to the settings to make a few more changes and installing my extensions.

Speaking of extensions, up in the top right-hand corner, right under the X that closes the browser, you’ll see a box shape with a purple strip next to it, click on it to hide or unhide the extension icons.

By the way, all of these screenshots are from my Gateway desktop and not my main Asus system. When I tried to update my browser on the Gateway, the browser kept crashing. After the third crash, I got the following error:

“Can’t open user profile directory, because you lack sufficient privileges. You might want to contact the administrator of this machine”

opera-install-can't open-user-profile-lack-of-privileges-contact-administrator

This is my backup system so I really don’t have anything set up in the browser so I decided to hunt down all of the Opera folders, delete them and run the full installer again. It worked but luckily I didn’t have to go to this extreme on my main system.

Note: Paths for Opera folders on my system. Opera GX will be found on the same path:

  • C:\Program Files\Opera
  • C:\Users\Terry\AppData\Local\Opera Software
  • C:\Users\Terry\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable

I’m hoping that all of these problems are because of the transition from “Opera” to “Opera One”, but if they continue…

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11 thoughts on “Opera Update Screws Up Browser Yet Again”

  1. The main thing I don’t like about Opera is the way it seems to set itself as the default browser every time I use it. I don’t necessarily want to use it for everything and I think it’s a damn cheek to assume I do.

  2. What’s going on? Opera hasn’t updated on my computer and has always been rock solid. It’s my default browser, hopefully forever.

  3. Terry, Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. My installation of Opera 1 went smooth with none of the problems you had or the two who commented so far. Running Windows 10 pro.

  4. I found this fix easily for the DPI settings but I haven’t tried it myself….

    Right click on your opera browser click properties then in the ‘target’ box paste this at the end:
    /high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1
    Make sure there is a space after the .exe part in the target box
    That will correct your opera dpi settings

    1. Terry Hollett

      Yes. I’ve already come across that solution online and can confirm it works both for Opera and Chrome.

  5. While I was out today Opera One was installed. I guess I’ll get comfortable with the slightly different appearance, but I know I’ll never get used to ads opening now on every YouTube video.

    Used to be, no ads. Now, ads.

    Settings shows Adblocker is still enabled … but ads.

    Ideas, anyone?

      1. “Try using an ad blocker extension.” But I am, the one built into Opera. Just like before. After the update, though, it’s not working. 🙁

        One nice change, though, is the image in the home page shortcuts. If I hadn’t placed an image there, like a lightning bolt in a dark sky for the weather channel, Opera inserted the official logo of the website. Neat.

        1. Hi Steve_K2.. As mentioned by Marc in his article, “YouTube Tests Blocking Ad-Blocking Users” it might be just a matter of time before we see ads everywhere., Mindblower!

  6. “it might be just a matter of time before we see ads everywhere” would be unfortunate. The absence of ads in Opera is the first reason I’d always give when friends would ask why I used Opera.

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