novaPDF Lite: Time limited giveaway

This the latest version (v7.6) of novaPDF Lite which would normally sell for $24.94us but is currently available to everyone for free… Offer ends 17th July.

 novaPDF Lite edition implements the basic functionality of a document writer application, thus more suitable for home users that don’t need the advanced features Standard or Professional have to offer. Main features that this edition has:

*Font embedding and font subsets embedding – Fonts (TrueType, OpenType and Type1) can be embedded in the PDF file to ensure perfect portability.

*PDF/A Compliance. Creates PDFs compliant with PDF/A-1b specification for the RGB colorspace.

*Merge PDF Files. Append or insert content to an existing PDF file.

*Document Information. Include title, author, keywords in your PDF file.

*PDF Viewer Options. You can control how the PDF file will be displayed after it’s generated in the default PDF viewer.

*Custom Save Options. Configure it to use predefined save settings.

*After Save Actions. Custom actions can be defined to be performed after the PDF was successfully generated.

*Create Private Profiles. Define different profiles for future use, each with its own printing settings.

*Import/Export Profiles. The printing profiles can be exported or imported into different installations.

*Predefined/Custom Page Sizes. Choose a default page size (like Letter, Legal, A3, A4, A5, A6, …) or define your own.

*Multi-language support. Choose a language for the user interface.

  • View a full feature comparison chart between editions HERE
  • To get your free copy: Go to this PROMO PAGE, fill out the form and click on the “Get free key” button.

4 thoughts on “novaPDF Lite: Time limited giveaway”

    1. Barry – If you need to ask, then you probably don’t need PDF files. PDF format offers far greater cross-platform/general compatibility, as well as being more compact, smaller (in file size), and more secure.

      I don’t create PDF documents myself but for many people, especially those who regularly distribute documents to a wider audience, including those who maintain their own websites, PDF is often the best/preferred method.

      Cheers… Jim

  1. Jim,

    Thanks for covering what appears to be a valuable program.
    However, I did complete the link and was advised I would get an email to complete the installation.
    Unfortunately, it never happened.
    I sent them an email and still no response.

    I just hope they are overwhelmed and not harvesting emails.

    With only a day left to complete the installation I hope this is not a widespread problem.


    1. Brian – Sorry to hear you’ve experienced problems mate. I seriously doubt it would be part of any email harvesting scheme. The company which produces this software, Softland, is well respected and a Microsoft certified partner.

      Please let us know the outcome.
      Cheers… Jim

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