How to Redeem a Promo Code in the App Store

Occasionally, an app developer may provide some free copies of their app to a limited number of people. They do this by providing promo codes as the distribution method for the free copies. If you find yourself fortunate enough to get a promo code, you might wonder what to do with it. Wonder no more. Just read on. In a few easy steps, that app will be yours for free.





First, go to the App Store and scroll down to the bottom of the Featured, Top Charts or Purchased screen. There you will find the Redeem button.

































Tap the Redeem button to bring up the following input screen.

































Enter your promo code and tap the Redeem button.

























Next, you will see the Redeem screen loading.
























You will be notified that you need to log in to iTunes. Tap the Continue button.















You will be prompted for your iTunes password. Enter it and tap OK.


















After you have logged in, you will be notified that your app is downloading.
























Once your app has finished installing, it is all yours for free!































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