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Insider Preview Build 14267

guinea pig2For those who may not be familiar with the Insider program: Microsoft set up its Insider Program primarily as a means for pre-testing changes and new features in Windows 10. Microsoft account holders were invited to join the program and install a Windows 10 Insider Preview build. New builds, which often include new features, are released at regular intervals and a user feedback system is then utilized to help identify and fix any bugs/issues so when these features are eventually released for general consumption, all should be tickety boo. Think of us Insiders as guinea pigs.

The latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build (14267) has recently been released to the fast ring and it includes a number of new features, although pretty much all relate to the Edge Browser.

New Edge Browser Settings

Probably the most significant of these is a new option to delete browsing data each time Edge is closed. (click images for full size)

edge-clear data1edge-clear data2

Go to Settings and under “Clear browsing data”, click Choose what to clear. Enable the items you want cleared each time and then switch the “Always clear this when I close the browser” option to On.

Another new feature allows Edge users to select a specific folder for downloads, or choose different folders for different downloads.

edge-download settings

The third and final new setting provides an option for users to only display favicon icons in the favorites bar.


Switching between icons/names and icons can easily be achieved by right-clicking on the bar and selecting the appropriate option from the menu. Personally, I don’t reckon it matters much what enhancements Microsoft introduces, Edge will never gain wide acceptance until such times as extensions become available.

Quick Music Search in Cortana

I don’t use Cortana myself but a new quick and easy music search button has been added to the top right corner of Cortana’s window:

cortana-music search

Skype and Messaging

A new feature has been added to the Skype app allowing users to attach photos to messages by clicking or tapping on a paperclip icon at the lower left while composing a new message. And, instead of selecting an existing image, it is also possible to use the Camera app to take a photo to attach to a Skype message.

That’s about it, except for a number of bug fixes, so nothing terribly exciting to look forward to. I’m still hoping Microsoft will change its mind on the forced updates issue and go back to allowing users to selectively install updates… we live in hope.


I wrote this article on 22nd February and today (25th February), I just received notification of yet another new build (14271) ready to download. Two new builds coming in such quick succession is unusual to say the least. I suspect the previous build must have included a pretty serious bug, or perhaps several.

I’ve just searched for and come across the announcement from Gabe Aul regarding this latest 14271 build and it definitely is purely for bug fixes. The list of issues fixed, and a list of issues pending a fix, are both pretty long. Check them out here: Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14271


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9 thoughts on “New Windows 10 Features”

  1. hiya Jim,

    Nice to know that the free release of windows 10 is for testing it out before they start to sell it for real. I like being a guinea pig. NOT. 🙂

    Several features I would like to see in windows 10

    – the ability to change all the colors on the screen not only from the background but to the writing area (white is too bright for me) just like XP. Also the hue and saturation of the colors. Don’t understand why it was left out. Programmers don’t have my eye of color (and I have an excellent eye).

    – the ability to completely turn off or remove things like Edge, Xbox, Cortana (what a suck ass name), etc. And not turn it off with a little switch, but remove the icons and programs from everywhere.

    – a true start button, like windows 7. with the ability to remove what I call “the look”. Those squares of garish colors. Makes one want to poke their eyes out. (just like the page here under “software”).

    – the ability to rename those same items on that start button.

    – a true upgrade in that it doesn’t hose up as it did to me. Warnings such as “make sure you have a password on your windows 7 before installing this”, change everything back to it’s default” and remove your anti-virus.
    the one that got me was making sure I had a windows 7 password (I don’t use them as I am the only one on my computers).

    – the ability to just download the windows 10 upgrade as an .iso, so I can burn to a dvd and put it aside for when I am ready to upgrade.

    Other than that, I sure wish I could log into the forum here. I registered, but I can’t, do I need a different browser other than windows 7 IE11?

    Thanks as always Jim!

    1. G’day Roo,

      If you click on “Software” in the top menu, rather than just hovering over it, you’ll be taken to the actual page.

      It is possible to download a Windows 10 ISO mate, you just need to use the Media Creation Tool available from here:

      The forum should work fine in Windows 7 with IE11. Okay, just tried it in my IE11 and the Log In button is definitely not working. Works fine in Firefox and Chrome but not in IE. Seems there is a problem with IE when logging in. Now I think about it, I seem to recall Dave mentioning this issue some time back. I’ll ask him to clarify for you.

      1. ah, Thanks Jim! I will go take a look see and grab that file. That way I can download it and have it on hand when I am ready to take my “BIG” computer over to it. And grab a copy for the wife’s 8.1 and my 3rd copy of the windows 7 disc I have.

        And I will try the firefox I have. Thanks Mate for testing it.

        1. I have always had problems trying to use IE11 for logging onto and posting comments on DCT. I use either Mozilla or Chrome as my browser, I do not use Edge either, I may after it has matured. I do believe the reason IE11 doesn’t work has more to do with Java support than any other thing, it doesn’t even work with my KeePass when I try to copy and paste my login credentials.

  2. I have 2 users on the one Windows 10 system. The start button suddenly stopped working on one. It has also stopped Edge from working for this user.

    The other user start button is fine. I have tried several fixes described in Youtube videos and elsewhere. I gather it’s a known bug. Surely it should be a top priority to fix.

    1. Yes, this has been a fairly common issue Trevor. There are a couple of quite simple solutions available which seem to work for most – one is to delete the affected user account (including all files) and then set up the account again. The other is to uninstall all Windows 10 native apps under the affected account.

      If you need any further assistance with this issue, please start a new thread on the Forum:, and we’ll be only too happy to help out.

  3. Jim,
    Do you think Windows 10 Defender is enough a/v protection or should I be running Avast as well? If so, can I run them simultaneously?

    1. It depends entirely on your level of security savvy Dan. If you tend to follow common security protocols, surf safe, don’t click on embedded links, and don’t trust email attachments from unknown or unreliable sources, Defender is probably enough. On the other hand, if you can handle Avast’s upgrade nags and registration requirements, it definitely offers better overall protection.

      No, you can’t run both together. You can’t run more than one antivirus which includes real time protection. In most cases, when you install a third party antivirus, it will automatically turn Defender off during the installation process.

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