New Secure SSD Includes Remote Data Destruction

Now I know snooping by authorities has a lot of people up in arms, and with good reason, it is certainly nearing saturation point BUT does this new SSD maybe take the concept of security a little too far?

The Autothysis128t is a self-encrypting secure SSD with the built-in ability to self destruct data… including from a remote location:

secure ssd 2

Physical data destruction – on demand. The data destruction process can be triggered by any of the following:

  • Via SMS ‘kill message’ (user defined)
  • Starvation of the GSM signal
  • Anti-tamper Case
  • Tap-to-destroy function in the Token
  • Low battery level
  • Removing the Drive from a PC
  • PIN code retries being exceeded

*Read a full description including all security features here:

Okay, so that sounds like the type of drive almost guaranteed to protect your data and keep the snoopers at bay but at what cost? Would you believe £1,027.00 which equates to approximately $1650.00us. So. my question is this – who could possibly justify that level of security for that sort of cost? My guess would be only those who have something extremely critical to protect, including spies and criminals, and maybe the odd politician. 🙂

My second question is this – is the advent of this type of self destructing drive maybe only serving to further empower the criminal element? Considering the levels of security involved and the pricing structure, it would certainly appear to be targeting the criminal element as one of its main consumer sources, whether inadvertently or not.

A step too far maybe. What do you think?


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