New: Online ‘Application Advisor’ from Kaspersky

Well known security company Kaspersky has launched a new online service called Kaspersky Application Advisor which provides users with vital information about files and/or programs included in Kaspersky’s massive database. We already have several useful services which check for malicious intent by scanning files through multiple anti-virus engines – notably Virus Total and Jotti. – but Kaspersky Application Advisor takes that concept several paces further.

As well as providing an overall security assessment, Kaspersky Application Advisor also presents users with the following information:

  • User confidence in the product (Trusted, Low or High restrictions, Do not trust)
  • Certificate information
  • End user geographic range
  • Number of users
  • Detailed file information including size, version, date added, and checksums

Of course, all statistics are restricted to information extracted from the Kaspersky user database.

Check files/programs using Kaspersky Application Advisor

The service allows you to check files by entering a file name or checksum in MD5 or SHA1 format, upload a file (restricted to 5MB maximum), or browse through the top 10, 100, 1000 user requests:

kaspersky application advisor 1

If you have trouble locating a file by name you can always use a program to generate MD5 and SHA-1 checksums that you can then copy and paste into Kaspersky Application Advisor’s search request box. One of the best applications for this is MD5 Checksum Tool, available for free here: (note the Portable Version);

MD5 checksum tool

The other alternative is to upload the file to the service – provided it is 5MB or less in size.

Once you have input your file’s details, a quick scan will take place and the results then displayed:

kaspersky application advisor 2


Whether you tend to frequently test software (as I do) or are simply a cautious user, Kaspersky Application Advisor is a really useful service, not to replace the likes of Virus Total but certainly to use in conjunction with. Definitely a site worth bookmarking.

Cheers… Jim

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