MP3 Toolkit Christmas Giveaway

MP3 Toolkit is a collection of powerful audio conversion and editing tools combined into a single suite. MP3 Toolkit would normally sell for $29.95us but is available free to everyone right now as a Christmas giveaway… expires 25th December.

MP3 Toolkit – The software

mp3 toolkit - main interface

MP3 Toolkit is a powerful Windows app includes MP3 converter, CD ripper, tag editor, MP3 cutter, MP3 merger and MP3 recorder for users who want to handle MP3 files easier.

Besides standard MP3 format, MP3 Toolkit supports most of popular audio & video formats like WMA, WMV, MP4, WAV, OGG, FLV, MOV, M4P, M4A and more, also supports high quality audio like FLAC and APE. With MP3 Toolkit, you are able to convert, cut, merge, rip and record MP3.

You can use MP3 Toolkit to convert audio for mobile devices, make ringtones, fix tag information, rip Audio CD, record sound or merge

MP3 Toolkit Giveaway – How to get it

Simply visit the MP3 Toolkit Christmas giveaway page here: and click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button.

mp3 toolkit gway

A universal serial key (to register the software) is available on that same page.

*MP3 Toolkit scans 100% clean through Virus Total and installation is also perfectly clean and straightforward

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to successfully activate this software using the provided serial key, some users may need to run the program with administrator privileges – right click on the program’s executable and select “Run as administrator”, then activate as per normal.

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    • Hi Buffet – Did you copy and paste the serial key or type it in manually? If the latter, try copying and pasting. If that still doesn’t work, or you already did that anyway, please get back to me and I’ll try contacting the developers on your behalf.

      Cheers… Jim

  1. Same thing. Will not register by copy/paste or manually.
    I even tried to change the promo code from MP3T2012 to 2013 but no-go.
    Then I tried a registration code from a Dec. 2012 giveaway, and it registered successfully. Go figure!

  2. Okay, received a response from the developer is super quick time. Apparently, the software needs to be run as administrator and then the activation will be successful. Here is the developer’s reply verbatim:

    I am so sorry it is our fault…

    Some users might not use Administrator.

    If they are using Vista/Win7/win8, Please run the program as Administrator: click on the icon by right mouse button, select “Run As Administrator” then activate.

    I’ll add this information into the article as a footnote.

    Thanks again guys.

  3. I have tried to activate numerous times. copy and paste and run as administrator. Each time I get the message that the code is invalid. Do you have any other suggestions? I know that this offer expires tomorrow. Thank you, Jim

    • No idea. I’ve forwarded your comment on to the developer and await his/her further response.

      If the developer cannot resolve this issue before the giveaway expires, which seems most likely, I intend to hit him/her up for a number of free licenses to give to you guys who have been unable to activate the software.

      Cheers… Jim

  4. Following further advice from the developer that “thousands of users have registered successfully with the key MP3T201288692759 and found no problems“, I ended up testing the activation myself. Downloaded and installed MP3 Toolkit in my Windows 7 system, then applied the serial key provided on the giveaway page… software activated, no problem whatsoever. I didn’t even need to run the program as administrator.

    Copy and paste the serial code exactly, MAKE SURE you do not copy past either end of the serial code as this will insert a space which then causes activation to fail. Seeing how I managed to successfully activate the software myself without any issues, I have no basis for pursuing this matter any further.

    I might add that the developer has been very cooperative helping with this issue, his responses have been immediate and obliging.

    Cheers… Jim