Internet Explorer 10’s Hidden Tools


Have you ever used a colour picker tool? Yes, of course you have. OK, well most people have and that’s a fact. Have you ever needed or used a ruler online? Maybe?
Well did you know that Internet Explorer 10 has these two tools built into the browser? To activate the tools all you need do is press F12 while I.E.10 is open.

When you press this function key, a panel will open at the bottom of the screen.
Click on Tools, then you can select ‘Show Color Picker’ and/or ‘Show Ruler’.

The colour picker tool works just like most of the free tools available, just highlight the desired colour then click on it to lock the colour.
You will see the colour code, just click on Copy and close to get the hex code.
The ‘Ruler’ tool does just what you would expect it to do, it measures things online!


Pressing the Del key will hide the ruler. If you need better precision when using this tool, press Ctrl + M to open the Magnifier tool. Pressing Ctrl + M again will turn off the magnifier.

There are X-Y co-ordinates and the ruler can be shown in White, Red, Black and Green. Just click the corresponding colour to select it.


To help you navigate the ‘Tools Interface’ there is a detailed explanation of all the available elements on the msdn site.
If you are an Internet Explorer 10 user then these tools are well worth getting to know!

About the Author

Alan Wade

Alan is a semi-retired geek from England, who has lived in Sweden with his wife and family since 2001. His interest in computers began in the mid 1980’s with the introduction of the Commodore Vic 20 where he learned to hack game code so he could force his name to appear as the high scorer. Alan made his way through the horde of console computers in the late 80’s and early 90’s before settling on Windows with the release of Windows 3.1. He has worked in the broadband industry on both the technical and installation side. In his off time he enjoys building computers for family and friends as well as digging into the guts of the OS to customize and tweak the OS.