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YouTube Comments Not!

I set up a YouTube channel for my boy who is 10 years old. He loves playing Minecraft and many other games. After seeing his dad streaming his own games, he wanted to follow suit. “No problem,” I said.

So I created an account and showed him how to live stream his games. The one thing I did not think about was people leaving comments on his videos. Now most people are nice but you will bump into some Internet trolls who just want to be mean. This got me thinking, he is only 10, so I wanted to turn off the Comment Option. A dad needs to protect his boy in this online-streaming world. As usual, I went on a mission to do this. You might be in the same situation one day and it would be nice to know how this is done. So, here are the steps to turning off the YouTube Video comments:

Step 1. Sign into your YouTube account


Step 2. Once in the account, head up to the right part of the screen and click on your profile image. This will bring up a box with some account options. Click on “Creator Studio” button


Step 3. Now you will want to look to the left of the screen for the option “Community” under the “Creator Studio” list. Click it


Step 4.  On the Community Page you have two ways of getting to the next step.  One is going to the top right and clicking on the Sprocket image


The other is going to the left and clicking on the wording “Community Settings.” This will be in the drop down list under the Community option. Click it


Step 5. On the next page you will want to look under the wording ‘Default Settings.”  Here you will see “Comments on Your New Videos” and “Comments On Your YouTube Channel.” All you have to do is select “Disable Comments” on both


Step 6. The final step is to click the “Save” button at the top right


You’re all done! Now no one will be able to leave comments on your kid’s channel or videos.

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Jason Shuffield

Jason Shuffield began working with computers at an early age. As he gained experience he began helping others who had difficulties with technology and requested assistance. Over time it became obvious there was a local need for a technology expert with great people skills. As a result Jason started his computer repair company, CYIN, in 2011. With years of experience in web design, computer repair, tech support, computer training and social media management Jason loves to share his knowledge and educate people.

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