How To Split Table Cells In Word

I am sure you already know how to merge cells within a table. If you do not, a quick search at Carol’s Corner Office will give you that information:

Once cells have been merged, you can later split them apart using many of the same methods you used to merge them in the first place.

Splitting Table Cells

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Right-click the previously merged cell.
  2. Select Split Cells from the resulting Context menu to display the dialog box.


  1. Using the controls in the dialog box, specify the number of columns and rows into which the merged cells should be split.
  2. Click OK.

After you split the cells, the cell widths may be off a bit from the other cells in the table, and you may need to readjust them.

Using Ribbon Tools

You can also split previously merged cells by using the tools on your Ribbon as follows:

  1. Display the Design tab of your Ribbon. This tab is only visible if the insertion point is somewhere within a table.
  2. Click the Draw Table tool in the Draw Borders group. This is the one that looks like a pencil.  Your cursor now looks like a pencil.
  3. Use your cursor to draw cell lines in your table. Simply click and drag to draw each new cell line. When you release your mouse button, the cells will appear as you have drawn them.
  4. When you are finished drawing, click on the Draw Table tool again or press the Esc key to turn off drawing mode.

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