3 thoughts on “How To Set Up WiFi Guest In Windows 10”

  1. Dick, when a person uses the Guest logon for your Wi-Fi, do they then have access to other devices on your network, like your computer?

    1. No. Only those that might be on the Guest network and only then if they are set up for others to see their computer. In other words, they are not set as a public network.

  2. Awesome. Will try this next time I have guests (after COVID goes away perhaps). The only problem is, I like to pack away my computers when they’re visitors around. Can this be accessed from the front of the house if I leave the computer on in a closed back room?

    Very true that everyone wants wi-fi access at every location nowadays, and its the first thing people ask on entering any building. Some of my friends actually display the access information in a prominent location at their houses now, so no need to be ashamed asking for it.

    Personally, my boss pays my phone bill, but I never even use as much as 1 GB out of my monthly 6 GB package, so I don’t need to beg for people’s wi-fi access.

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