How To – Can’t Remember WiFi Password?

I often have to help someone who cannot remember their Wi-Fi password in order to connect to a new device. If they did nothing to change the password supplied by their ISP, it can usually be found on a label stuck somewhere on their wireless modem from the provider. However, many personalize the password, write it down (maybe) and then forget where they wrote it.

It is not difficult to locate the password if they have another Windows 10 computer connected to the network.


Win+I to open Settings and select Network & Internet.


Select Wi-Fi.


Select Network and Sharing Center.


Select the Wi-Fi name under ”Internet”.


Select Wireless Properties.


Click the Security tab.


Check the Show characters checkbox and the security key will change from all dots to the actual characters used for the password.

This has helped me a number of times. I hope it is useful for you as well. Another tool for the toolbox.


2 thoughts on “How To – Can’t Remember WiFi Password?”

  1. Some years ago I created my own password vault All you need is a thumb drive and Excel.
    I’m a historian who does a lot of searching. I now have more than 100 Websites catalogued.

    Each one is noted in my Password Spreadsheet. ID & Password are in a Comment.
    The spreadsheet is searchable so if I have forgotten something, I use the file on the thumb drive.

    I keep the thumb drive in a separate, and hopefully safe location, but easily accessible when I’m at home. When I travel, I keep it in a deep pants pocket

    If something is added or changed, I insert the thumbdrive and do a backup on my next system backup

    1. I have a password spreadsheet too, but I’m getting lazy about keeping it up to date recently. BUT I also use the LastPass password manager for almost everything in my life now.3

      Having said that, this article is about wi-fi passwords specifically. Those which are showing in LastPass are old and I don’t know how they got there. My new wi-fi, and that of my father, my brother, and my daughter’s houses don’t appear to be there although I know I’ve used my laptop at those locations and auto-logged in.

      Thanks for the tip Dick.

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