How To Open Edge To Specific Webpages

One of our readers contacted us via the Ask an Expert! link included in the main menu across the top of the page wanting to know how to set up Edge so it opens to multiple specific web pages.


We were only too happy to help out. Here’s how.

Opening Edge To Specific Webpages

  1. Click on the three little horizontal dots at the far right of the address bar in Edge to open the options menu, then click Settings
  2. In Settings, click On startup in the left-hand panel
  3. Now you will see the option to Open a specific page or pages, make sure that option is enabled
  4. From there, you can now add in as many new pages as you like by clicking on the Add a new page button and then typing (or copying and pasting) each page’s URL into a dialogue box, one at a time

Edge Open Specific Pages

Input URL

This is fine if you only want to add one or two pages but becomes a tad tiresome if you want to add a lot more pages. However, there is a simpler option to achieve this in one hit.

Opening Edge To Multiple Specific Webpages

  1. Firstly, load all the web pages you want opening when Edge starts up, each in a new tab
  2. Then follow all the same steps as above — go to Settings > On startup and make sure the option to Open a specific page or pages is enabled
  3. But, this time, click the Use all open tabs button

Edge Use All Open Tabs

That’s all there is to it… job done.


4 thoughts on “How To Open Edge To Specific Webpages”

  1. I am very good Jim, getting old but good 🙂
    I missed the fact that it was already posted, sorry for that Jim.
    Hope you are well during these trying times.

    1. Absolutely no need to apologize mate, you can’t be expected to keep up with everything posted on DCT… all good.

      Good to hear you are safe and well mate. Same here, as you say, just getting older… ain’t we all. 🙂

      Good to hear from you and know that you are okay,
      Cheers… Jim

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