How To Get Free Microsoft Tech Support from Within Windows 10

In a recent article I mentioned how my upgrade experience from Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro has been a bit of a nightmare, well a lot of a nightmare to be honest. The one redeeming factor in the whole mess has been the terrific tech support from Microsoft. I hadn’t realized it but Windows 10 includes a tech support chat app which easily and quickly has you connected with one of Microsoft’s experts to help resolve issues.

Here’s How: (*NOTE: you need to sign in with a Microsoft account to use the app)

Open the Start menu and type in “Contact Support”. Then click on Contact Support at the top of the list of results:

contact support

Once the app opens, you’ll need to go through and select several options. The first is pretty obvious, for issues relating to the operating system itself choose the second option:


Next, you’ll be asked to narrow it down by selecting a particular app. If the issue is general and not associated with a specific app, just click “Windows”:


Next, select what type of support you’re after – most will want to choose “Technical Support”:


Lastly, click “Chat online with a Microsoft Answer Tech”:


Now just sit back and wait for one of the experts to answer. In my experience, wait times were relatively short, from 5 – 10 minutes. When the chat session opens, using the app is very easy and similar to most chat apps, your tech support’s questions and responses are displayed in the main pane in blue and you just type into a panel at the bottom of the window.

It really is a handy service, the tech support people are friendly, knowledgeable, and keen to help, and a remote session is readily available if/when required.


4 thoughts on “How To Get Free Microsoft Tech Support from Within Windows 10”

  1. Hi: I have windows 7, clicked on get windows 10 on 8/10/2015 got message Nvidia GeForce7025/nForce630a needed to be updater I put in a new card Nvidia GT 610 now when I click on get window 10 8/22/2015 I still get the old message is there a way I can get to give me and updated message.
    Thanks Norm

  2. jim you must have contacted a different microsoft than the one I have tried to deal with. Last week I wasted almost a full 2 days . first trying to get through and then speaking to a microsoft person. The systems for chat and phones were totally out of control. Topped off by a message at 5:30 pm EDT that the services were closed for the day? The employee was far from informed onwin10 from win 7 and said that the problem was HP had not updated drivers for win 10 and that was their responsibility but for a fee ms would fix the problem. Apparently this new model of “service ” is infectious because HP denies responsiblity but has set up a special unit just to solve these problems.. again for a fee. Guess which companies will not be on my buying list.
    I feel there is a definite problem here and the multitudes that aren’t rolling in cash or have comuter savvy might just decide to go away from microsoft and maybe HP as well.

    1. Hi Robert,

      This is the support that’s available from within Windows 10 via the Contact Support app, NOT from the online Answer Desk. I’ve had the exact same experience as you with the online Answer Desk, nigh on useless, but from within the built-in Contact Support app it is an entirely different (better) experience.

  3. As soon as Windows 10 was installed the device manager refused to recocnize my HP LaserJet P1102 printer.
    several attempts to get help from HP were fruitless.
    I completely uninstalled the software and didn a new reinstall. No it works perfectly.
    However my internet konks out every couple of hours and i have to disconnect the power and replug the modem unit after a 10-15 second wait to reinstate my connection.
    Most unproductive. Any suggestions about what causes thie problem? It never happened with windows 7.

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