How To Create A Web Page Using Word 365

Did you know that Word can make Web pages???

Well, yes it can!

You simply use the Transform to Web Page feature!

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Simply design your document to suit your preferences.
  2. On the  File tab, click on Transform | Transform to Web Page.


  1. You might see a screen for Intelligent Services.


  1. Turn it on.
  2. You can select from a bunch of styles and then easily publish a web page that you can share with friends, family, or coworkers– and it looks great on any device. You do not have to worry about fumbling around with coding and hosting, etc. You can have a web page in a matter of minutes.

About the Author

Carol Bratt

Carol holds A+, MCP, and MOS computer certifications and is the resident DCT Office expert. She trains the staffs of small law firms in the use of Microsoft Office applications and has authored many books covering Microsoft Office as well as written articles for Infopackets, TechnoLawyer, and Digital Harbor. For more Microsoft Office tips visit Carol's Corner Office or follow Carol on FaceBook and Twitter.


  1. Carol:

    So the final result is a file with an html extension?
    If so, other than my PC, does MS offer a server to host it on?


  2. Dan,

    No, not that I am aware of. There are free hosting sites out there if you look around. But just because you can create a web site in Word does not necessary mean you should. I am just showing you want can be done in Office 2016.

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