Home Depot Data Breach – Involves Nearly All Stores

News surfaced earlier this week of a suspected data breach of Home Depot stores in the US involving leaked credit card data. Now, it appears, further evidence regarding the extent of the breach is suggesting that it involves nearly all of the company’s stores across the nation.


As usual, leading security expert Brian Krebs is all over this story, the following is an excerpt from Brian’s article recently published on his KrebsOnSecurity blog:

New data gathered from the cybercrime underground suggests that the apparent credit and debit card breach at Home Depot involves nearly all of the company’s stores across the nation.

Evidence that a major U.S. retailer had been hacked and was leaking card data first surfaced Monday on the cybercrime store rescator[dot]cc, the shop that was principally responsible for selling cards stolen in the Target, Sally Beauty, P.F. Chang’s and Harbor Freight credit card breaches.

Home Depot has not yet said for certain whether it has in fact experienced a store-wide card breach; rather, the most that the company is saying so far is that it is investigating “unusual activity” and that it is working with law enforcement on an investigation

Read Brian’s insightful article in full here: Data: Nearly All U.S. Home Depot Stores Hit


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